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Review: First Came Forever by Annie Woods

Title: First Came Forever

Series: The Angelheart Saga, Book #1

Author: Annie Woods

Genre: Contemporary, Romance

Pages: 322

Published Date: August 31, 2017

Published by: Pegasus Elliot Mackenzie Publishers

Type: Paperback






First love. A promise of forever. A lie that changes everything.

Backpacking with her high school friends, Erica Lindell’s life takes a thrilling new turn. Meeting the fascinating Sasha Ailes, she can’t help but fall completely and irrevocably in love with him. When he feels the same way about her, Erica finds herself drawn into a fairytale love story that will set her life on a new direction. But Sasha has kept his true identity a secret. Finding out who he really is, Erica must overcome the betrayal and make the hardest choice of her life. Can she give up her own dreams to live in his world, or leave and lose him forever?

First Came Forever is an enchanting, heart-wrenching story about finding true love and the devastating consequences it can lead to. What price is too high to pay, even for love?



I want to thank Annie Woods for providing me with reviewer’s copy of First Came Forever in exchange for an honest review. I appreciate this opportunity. All opinions and views expressed are my own.


PLOT clipart-star-RTA9RqzTLclipart-star-RTA9RqzTLclipart-star-RTA9RqzTLclipart-star-RTA9RqzTLstar-clipart-black-and-white-RTG7BpqTL



First Came Forever is a fast paced, easy to read, intriguing plot twist and characters, and its very creative and addictive story. You’ll never regret picking this up.

Erica and her three close friends, all from Sweden, was on the their long-awaited trip in the summer to celebrate being in their legal age, 18. They plan to go in Cambodia, Vietnam, Burma and Laos but they got stucked in not-so-adventurous Thai island. All talk about their adventures had been replaced by a new focus on partying and hooking up with boys and Erica was not happy about it. Because of changed of plans, Erica traveled by herself. And then she meet the handsome, sweet and intriguing stranger named Sasha, who saved her from hitting the ground. They talked and they found out that they have the same passion about traveling, spend time with each other and they clicked. I mean they instantly fell in love with each other.

As the story goes by, Erica lived like a princess in a fairy tale story. But life isn’t like that. She learned something about Sasha’s identity that will decide what her future might be, but she faced Sasha deception and accepted it. Because of the impossibility of being together, they begin to plan their future when Erica moves to United States to study. She met new friends there and experience life with an ups and downs. She faces and experience love, friendship, confusion, anxiety, betrayal, high school drama and grief. Will Erica endure this hardship that life has given to her? Will she make right decisions? Will they stay in love forever?




The ending killed me! And why it is cliffhanger?!!! Why you do that Annie? You ruined my heart. </3

I hated Erica and served her right on what happened in the ending. HAHA. Sorry not sorry. I just hated her. Because she always doubts her feelings and relationship with Sasha and she always feel confused about her real feelings. Yeah she’s a person and all of us experience that but I can’t stop to hate her.

“I’d give anything for the possibility to go back and changed what happened.”

The plot twist, I’ve never expected it like I was caught off guard. Like I wanted to punch some characters here. And I want the second book right away! Huhuhuhu.



“Meeting you is the best thing that has happened to me. It’s like you can help me get direction. when I’m with you, everything seems much easier.”

“I’d rather be hurt and end up with a shattered heart, than miss out on loving you.”

“Nothing could ever change the way I feel for you. No matter what happens after tomorrow. Just believe in us, that it is you and me forever, and I promise that nothing will ever tear us apart.”

And I was right on my guess about the thing what was Sasha was hiding from Erica. And the instant love of them? I love the way how they fell in love. You know me, I hated instant love but Annie wrote it beautifully. And who wouldn’t fall in love with Sasha? His sweet words and actions got my heart fell for him. And because I am single, I feel bitter whenever he do sweet things to her. Ugh!

I adored Sasha for being a strong man in handling a long distance relationship with Erica. He’s so strong and he really love her. Because we know that in a long distance relationships there’s so many temptations out there that will test how strong you are. I guess not all men are the same.


I also loved the adventures and places the characters went and how Annie described the places clearly and imaginable. Like I am also traveling with them. Hoho. I also loved that Annie put some diverse characters and LGBT side story though I am not a fan of LGBT.  And we got to see the side characters stories here which I also love because it’s not Erica and Sasha story.


First Came Forever was not a cliché story for me so you will definitely enjoy this story.



CHARACTERS clipart-star-RTA9RqzTLclipart-star-RTA9RqzTLclipart-star-RTA9RqzTLclipart-star-RTA9RqzTLstar-clipart-black-and-white-RTG7BpqTL

Erica Lindell, a swedish girl, sweet, smart, open-minded, strong and courageous. Also she’s sporty. She loves to run. I love how her character is so relatable. She hated parties (like me), likes being alone sometimes, and she loves to travel. I also love her compassionate heart toward the children who needs support because they are homeless and orphans. She’s a great friend too.


Sasha Ailes, a tall guy, has a pair of hazel eyes and unruly golden brown locks on his head, handsome, high cheek boned face, almost covered by a large beard. When he and Erica first met, they talked so natural and easy with each other. They have the same interest about traveling and talked on random stuffs. They also became travel buddies and that’s the reason why they instantly fell with each other. Sasha was so sweet boyfriend. A truly great fictional boyfriend you’ve ever wished for. He’s so caring toward Erica and so loving. Ah! How I wish to have someone like him.


Tyler, tall, has a blond hair in damp curls, stunningly handsome, muscular boy. He always mocked Erica and making cocky comments about her in everything. He’s so arrogant but when he and Erica known each other deeply, he unexpectedly changed himself and fell in love with her. Though I don’t like their OTP, I think Tyler will be a great boyfriend.


Danny, ‘the number one student’ but he doesn’t have a nerdy look, he had a lot of friends, he was funny, intelligent, with a quirky humor. He likes Erica but she friendzoned him, but instead become bitter about it, he still became her best friend. He supported her in everything and I must say that Erica is lucky to have a sweet best friend like him.


Ricky, slim, with dark skin and dark hair, brown eyes and a sweet, pleasant, open sort of face. He seemed like a person who easily laughed and who liked flirting. He’s a gay and close friend of Erica. He’s a friend who support and cheer you in everything.




PROS: It is well written and easy to read.

CONS: Annie should put divider whenever the scenes will change and an indicator of the names when the point of view of characters appeared. I’m confused about it. I have to reread it two times before I get it.

Also she shouldn’t put a title in every chapters so there will be no hints on what will happen. And then there will be a little surprise and thrill.



– – – –


I had a realizations upon finishing this book.

First: It doesn’t matter if you have instant love. Love doesn’t measure on how you’ve known each other but rather the feeling you have with him/her. I believe that there are different circumstances how we fall in love. But before committing into relationship, you should definitely try to get to know that person so that you will not get hurt at the end. Because it is hard to invest feelings to the wrong person.

Second: You should really guard your heart. If you are in relationship, you should set upon your heart on one person only. If you feel that you are falling in another person, you should think and analyze what you really feel to the one you love. There are many temptations out there that will test your relationship with your boyfriend/girlfriend but if that feelings are strong, do not fall on the trap that will ruin your relationship. And you should tell to your partner about the what you feel regarding to your problem. Be honest with each other.

Third: Life is unpredictable. Live the life to the fullest. We don’t know how long our life will be so love all the people around you. dont let yourself stop you. Go chase your dreams.



OVERALL clipart-star-RTA9RqzTLclipart-star-RTA9RqzTLclipart-star-RTA9RqzTLclipart-star-RTA9RqzTLstar-clipart-black-and-white-RTG7BpqTL

I really enjoy reading this book. If you love a fairy tale like love story, unexpected twist, and love to travel, this book is for you. You will not regret picking this up!




Annie Woods is a Swedish author, who has spent a lot of time in the USA and UK. Currently she is partly living in the US, dividing her time between Stockholm and New York.

Reading has always been a big part of her life. She’s a true bookworm who sometimes (too often) prefers books to people. She’s especially addicted to YA and teen love stories.

Admittedly, Erica Lindell in the Angelheart Saga trilogy is pretty much based off of herself.

Learn more about Annie Woods and the Angelheart Saga trilogy at


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